Website Analytics

Website analytics provides the data that you need to make sound internet-marketing decisions and monitor the effectiveness of your website. It is an invaluable resource for gaining a wealth of information about your website, information that you can use to adjust your strategies to focus on what works for your business. It gathers information such as:

1. Number of visitors to your website
2. When people are viewing your website
3. Which pages they are spending the most time on
4. From which referring sites your visitors came
5. Search engine data, including the site viewers came from and the pages they view on your site.

Website analytics affords you the ability to see exactly what your marketing dollars are doing for you—down to individual visitors. It also includes analysis of website traffic patterns, most visited pages, duration of visits to each page, conversion ratios, as well as other measures.

By analyzing your website data, Murnet Technologies can refine your internet marketing campaigns to make informed investment decisions and ensure your website is performing at its best to convert traffic into sales. We'll also help you understand website analytics by showing you how to read “traffic reports” using tools such as Google Analytics.

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